High level Dominoes

Here’s the next level of the game – Level 3 Same as Level 2 except that when a player lays down a domino that brings the total of the two ends to a multiple of 5, they add that total to their score. This player scored 6 + 4…

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Lies, damned lies and statistics

You see it so often on your news feed. A headline something like this – Researchers have found that 70% of road accidents happen within 5km of the drivers home. “It appears that as drivers leave or approach their home they pay less attention to their driving. Perhaps because they…

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Anyone for dominoes?

Drag your child away from the TV and the smart phone, and play dominoes with him or her! Why? Because it is great for their brain and mental arithmetic. There are different levels of the game which will be appropriate for different levels of child development. The level at which…

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