The human portrait

I’ve recently taken up coloured pencils and attempted to learn to use them. I find that I am drawn to portraiture and that I like to use only three coloured pencils – red, yellow and blue. When my daughter and son-in-law visited us recently, we took them to a beach…

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Cause or consequence?

If A gets bigger whenever B gets bigger, did A cause B or did B cause A?┬áThis correlation is so often misinterpreted that it probably led to the expression “Lies, damned lies and statistics” Correlation can be positive (both things increase together) or negative (when one goes up, the other…

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When is a cost a “sunk cost”?

You run your own company. It’s doing well, so you have been able to book and pay for a two week cruise at a cost of R80 000 plus airfare of R10 000. Just before your holiday is about to start, you get an offer to present a series of…

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