Durban 2022

Another trip with loads of fun. Too many pics to post, so again, I’ve selected the best and put them into collages. Well done again Ms Dube, who took all the photos.      …

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The Mobius Strip

Can you imagine a strip of paper that only has one side and one edge? There is such a thing, and it’s called a Möbius Strip. Here’s how you make it. Cut a fairly long, thin strip of paper. Put some glue, paste or sticky tape on one end. Twist…

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Fun with hands and numbers

I find numbers quite fascinating. Have a look at the magic pyramid. That’s probably the most mind blowing of all examples. Here’s my second favourite, which also uses the properties of the number 9 – Multiplying by 9 with the fingers Let’s say you want to multiply 9 times…

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