Catching flies

My mum was an expert at catching flies and she taught me how to do it. It’s usually a two hand job, but once you know the trick a single hander will also often work. If nothing else, it’s a good party trick.

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My quick way to solve Sudoku puzzles

I assume you know how sudoku puzzles work. I’ve studied the techniques and enjoy the challenge of “Expert” puzzles. However, because of my abacus maths training, I don’t just want to solve the puzzles, I want to find the quickest way to do so. Here’s what I’ve found -…

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About the Japanese abacus

At Gallagher Combined School, abacus maths is a compulsory subject. Many of the parents are curious about what their children are doing and would like to know more, so here’s a short introduction to the Japanese abacus.

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