What is this thing called a brain?

Let’s take left and right first. If you’re right handed, then your left brain is the calculating, tactical, logical side and, incidentally largely controls the right side of the body. The right brain, on the other hand is the artistic, imaginative, creative side.

Most of us favour one side or the other and we rarely use them equally and co-operatively at the same time. I can think of two activities that do this, however.


Chess – Right side, pattern recognition and strategy, left side, tactics.

Anzan – using the Japanese abacus in your head. By picturing the abacus and moving the beads in your head (right brain), one can add, subtract, multiply and divide (left brain). That’s why it is a compulsory subject at Gallagher Combined School.

What interests me most, however is the front, middle, back aspect


The bit coloured blue is where your concious mind lives. It’s the front end under your forehead. It’s the only bit that we’re aware of. The pink bit at the back is the most primitive part. That’s where the fight or flight and reproductive responses come from. It also houses the thalami. Two bits through which all senses, except the olfactory sense (taste and smell), pass on their way to the other parts of the brain. I had big trouble with my thalami a few years back. They caused Essential Tremours. My hands shook uncontrollably. I sorted them out using the techniques described here and below.

The yellow and green bits in the middle are the most interesting. That, simplistically, is your sub-conscious. It is usually your worst enemy. It’s been programmed in your early life, mostly up to the age of seven, to feel worry about the future, regret about the past, and embarassment in the present. It’s what holds you back, stops you winning, kills your adventure, makes you feel comfortable when you conform etc.

So, how can you turn this, your worst enemy, into your best friend? First, you’ve got to know that it doesn’t understand words, only pictures and emotions. If you want to communicate with it, those are the languages you have to use.Then you need to learn a relaxation technique. One that suits you. There are lots of them on Google. Mine is very close to self-hypnosis, but there’s meditation, prayer, breathing techniques, yoga and many, many, more. Once you are totally relaxed, picture what you don’t want to be. Feel disgust and contempt for that aspect of your personality, mentally kick that person out and watch him/her sloping away out of your sight. Then picture the person you intend to be. Get excited about the new you. I mean really excited. The magic starts working straight away. You don’t have to practice and practice in order to get results. Clearly, the more you work at it the better it gets.

Once you have become best friends with your subconscious, you will find that the impossible starts to happen. You give up smoking, you go to gym regularly, your business takes off, everything in the world is brighter, more positive and you start winning!


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