New Jojo going in

As you know, a school must not remain open if it has no water.

Midrand is notorious for its water outages, so it became very important to ensure that we always have a sufficient backup.

We already have a 1 000 litre Jojo on the roof, but that doesn’t help when the tap runs dry for more than a day or two.

This new Jojo holds 2 250 litres and will pump water into the top Jojo as needed.

We do not feed water directly from the mains to the school, but always draw from the top Jojo.

The top Jojo draws from the bottom one and the bottom one draws from the Municipal supply. That way we are constantly refreshing the water.

Well done, Mr. Ndimande for managing the project and a million thank you’s to Dalene who allowed us to erect the platform in her garden.


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