How to make your dreams come true

First off, you’ve got to have a dream and that can be the most difficult part.

Why? Because few people can dream the impossible dream! Most of us think “I’d love to do ……” or “I’d love to be ……”, “but I can’t because ……”

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”. So let’s forget “but I can’t because ……” and focus on what Henry Ford was really saying.

“Whether you THINK you can”. You see, it’s the thinking that makes things happen, makes dreams come true.

The thinking needs to become believing and then the believing will become the reality. So how do we change a thought into a belief? We get our subconscious mind to buy the idea and we do that by getting excited about it, picturing the end result, ignoring the pitfalls (the “I can’t because…..”). Get excited and stay excited! This is best done in a relaxed state of mind (you can use any number of ways to relax – they’re all on the internet).

The amazing thing about this technique is that it starts working right away. Practice simply helps you achieve th necessary relaxed and focused state of mind more quickly and easily. Good luck!


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