Private Schools vs Public Schools Education

But then, not all private schools are good and not all private schools are expensive.

Look for a school that appears to offer what you most want – excellent sporting facilities, laboratories, library, IT, dedicated staff, small classes, school transport, affordable fees, special subjects etc. Then go there during school hours and talk to the principal, management if they are accessible, admin staff and try to guage their attitude towards the things that you think are important. Ask to read through the parent/school Whatsapp group on a staff member’s phone – see what the parents are saying abut the school. Then watch the kids as they move around the school, either between classes, or at play. Are they serious looking, happy, playful, disciplined? And which of these would you like your child to be?

There is no “One size fits all”. It is up to you to do your best to find the school that fits you.

Here’s what you will find at Gallagher Combined School –

Dedicated staff, very happy children, affordable fees, indoor soccer and netball, optional swimming, compulsory abacus maths, school transport, small classes, compulsory computer lessons, strict fee payment policy.



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