You will not be judged by what you do, but by what you achieve.

I had to Google that to see whether it was, in fact, an original thought or whether I had just dragged it out of my subconcious memory. Seems it’s original. It came to me recently, when, midst all this panic about Covid, I was (again) reflecting on the ineptitude of our political leaders and how, despite the grave state of the economy, I have not, and will not ever, give up. It came to me that there are those who succeed/survive and those who don’t, and that there are those that do stuff and those that don’t, and there’s not necessarily a correlation between them. In other words it isn’t necessarily the doers who succeed/survive, it’s the survivors, which sounds like a tautology, but isn’t. You see, in my view, a survivor is a survivor in his/her head before he/she becomes one in life.

I know times are about as tough as they have ever been, but please, please, please, don’t give up. Just get it into your head that you will be one of the survivors and you will be.


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