Robotics becomes compulsory at Gallagher Combined School

We realise that the formal curriculum does not prepare our children for their lives in the future. In fact, with the dramatic development of new techology, such as drones, driverless cars, robots, artifical intelligence etc, nobody knows what that future will be like. The best we can do is guess.

We take the view that whatever the future holds for them, it will require them to be able to think creatively and analytically. Then to apply available techological resources to turn their thoughts into reality.

For this reason, we have decided that in 2022, robotics will become an additional subject at our school for grades 7, 8 and 9.

And, because we consider it so important, we are making it compulsory. As with the Japanese abacus for grades 1 to 6 and computer science classes which are also compulsory, there will be no additional school fees.

Parents will only be required to purchase the educational material which their child will need. This starts with a kit from Takealot which is currently priced just over R1000.



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