High level Dominoes

Here’s the next level of the game –

Level 3

  • Same as Level 2 except that when a player lays down a domino that brings the total of the two ends to a multiple of 5, they add that total to their score.

  • This player scored 6 + 4 = 10
  • If a player has to pick up from the boneyard they can still score when they lay down the next domino.
  • The end of hand score still applies in all versions of the game, except that from this level up, the number is rounded up or down to the nearest 5.
  • Later, you can add “Muggins”.
  • If a player lays down a scoring domino, but does not take the score, the other one can call “Muggins” before playing and is then awarded the score that should have been claimed by the other player.
  • If a player picks up when they didn’t need to, they forfeit the hand and the total score in their hand (including the dominoes that they should not have picked up). They should own up honestly!
  • You may want to download a domino scoring app onto your cell phone

Level 4

  • Same as Level 3 except that the first double on the table is a spinner.
  • Players can play off the spinner and score if the total of all ends is a multiple of 5.
  • This player scored 6 + 6 + 4 x 2 = 20.

  • And so did this one, by adding the 5 + blank.

Level 5 This is the one that Helen and I play.

  • Same as level 4 except that all doubles on the table are spinners.
  • The player who played the 4:6 scored 5 x 6 = 30

  • Then the other player played 4:5 and scored 5 x 6 + 5 = 35

  • Then Helen (yup, just when I think I’ve played a brilliant move, Helen always seems to have the necessary domino to score as well) plays the double blank and also scores 35.

That’s the most complicated form of the game that we know of. We play each hand “first to 250”, and a match is “first to 10 games”.

Once I’ve lost the match, we start a completely new one.

We play one game most evenings before dinner and I never tire of being beaten!


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