We bungeed a 216 metre drop from Bloukrans Bridge

We both did it! I’m terrified of heights, so I had to rehearse the dive over and over in my mind for about three nights beforehand.

I was ready. We drove to the bridge, paid the fee and put on a harness. Then we walked down to the start point.

OMG! We had to zipline out to the middle of the bridge and I hadn’t rehearsed this bit. I was terrified! I’ve never been on a zipline before and now there was 216 metres of nothing below me.

Of course, once you’re out there, you’re out there and there’s nothing for it but to hang on for dear life and that’s what I did.

Then strap the bungee to the legs, hop to the edge, “3, 2, 1 BUNGEEEEEE!”. That bit was fine. I’d done it in my head about 50 times already.

But then the bungee is at full stretch and you bounce back up, then down again, then up, down, until it settles and you wait for the guy above to abseil down to haul you up. All this time you’re hanging upside down over nothing!

Terror struck again while I was being hauled up.

Helen also did it about 6 weeks later. And, like me she dived, whereas all the others just fell off the platform.

Are we glad we did it? Absolutely.

Would we do it again? No.

Not because of fear, but it just isn’t fun.


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