When is a rose a rose?

In Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare wrote “A Rose by any other name will smell as sweet”.

But what about a Stinking Corpse Lily (see image)? If you call it a rose, will it still stink?

I guess Eskom thinks it would actually smell like a rose? As in “These are not blackouts, they are load shedding” and “This is not load shedding, it’s load reduction” Ah! Now we all understand. Thank you, Eskom, for that clarification.

And what do you think of this one? “The R10,6m allocated to SAA is not a bail out. It is a budget neutral allocation to enable the business rescue plan”. Ah! Now we all understand. Thank you, Mr. Minister, for that clarification.

And finally, “The wrongdoers must know that they will face the full might of the law.” Of course Mr. Cele, that’s precisely why they became wrongdoers in the first place.

Hey, we must be pretty dumb clucks if we believe all that stuff.

So, let’s call a rose a rose, a spade a spade and a stinking corpse lily a stinking corpse lily.


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