Oh! If only.

My wife, Helen, and I have just moved into another rented house – we choose to move every year.

This one has 12 solar panels with a battery big enough for us to run washing machine, tumble drier, dishwasher, fridge and freezer along with heaters and all the other bits and pieces of a typical household. The only proviso is that we keep an eye on the battery charge and the sunlight, just to be sure that during load shedding, we don’t get caught with a flat battery. So far there’s been no problem. We’ve stayed completely off grid.

Add to that the 10 Jojos to hold collected rainwater and we’re off the water grid as well.

Oh! If only the school had the money to do that.

But its still paying off the bus that we bought last year, so I can’t see it happening at least until 2024.


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