Chat Bot vs Google

Much as I detest the way Microsoft interferes with my computer, I have to admit that their new Bing AI is going to knock google off their perch unless google acts very quickly.

I asked this question of both of them –

“How to remove dried acrylic paint from a carpet” (We’ve just had professional painters paint the inside of the rented house.)

This was what Google gave me –

And this was the Microsoft response –

With Google you then have to dig into all the various articles to find your answer, whilst with Bing, it’s like talking to a person.

But you have to be careful. Notice that the Bing response ignored the word “dried” and answered for wet paint.

Having said that, it’s all very new and we can see the way things are going. And how quickly! Right now, I’ll stick with Google, but not for much longer.


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